May 11 Devotion

Keep at It!
Will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night? LUKE 18:7
Almost every week I get at least one letter from someone who has been praying for years for a family member, friend, neighbor, or co-worker who doesn’t know Christ. In many cases that person has eventually turned to Christ, and his or her life has been changed. But what if the person writing to me had stopped praying? Whenever we pray, we need to remember that God’s ways and God’s timing aren’t always the same as ours. In fact, His time frame rarely matches ours. We also need to remember that God is able to do what we can’t do. Only He can convict nonbelievers of their sins; only He can convince them of the truth of the Gospel. That is why no one is hopeless, for God can break through even the hardest heart. “ ‘Is not my word…like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces?’ ” (Jeremiah 23:29). For whom are you praying? Keep at it!