Our Typical Day

Circle Time:
Each child will have a chance to have a “job” on a regular basis. Circle time is also when we learn new songs and finger plays depending on the theme for the week. We learn our academics, including the Animated Alphabet, at this time as well.
Center Time:
Our classroom is arranged to accommodate eight developmentally appropriated centers. This time is valuable time for trying out ideas and working on all developmental skills.
Snack Time:
Each student will have the opportunity to bring snack once a month.
We love to move!!! Whether we are dancing with scarves, using step-a-logs, or instructional movement activities we enjoy getting the wiggles out.
Story Time:
We share a story each day that reflects the theme for the week.
Group Time:
At this time we use a variety of methods to work academically as a group. We complete a color sheet for each Animated Alphabet character, play Bingo, write with shaving cream, or other hands-on activities to focus on academics in a fun way.
Outdoor Play:
We end our day on the playground as weather permits. This allows a chance for large motor skills, sharing, and physical fitness.
Each day a new Bible story will be presented. Christian songs will be learned along with an awareness of God and His presence in our lives. Our purpose is to provide an environment in which each child can grow toward development of his/her God-given potential.
Special Features:
Each class has a Christmas program held on the last day of class before Christmas vacation. We also have a Graduation Program for the Little Friends and a closing program for the Tiny Friends in May.
Teacher / Student Ratio:
We have a limit of 12 students and 2 teachers in all of our classes.
Little Friends Preschool follows the Basehor-Linwood school calendar. Classes are filled on a first come, first served basis. Enrollment is open to any child who is 3 years of age.