April 17 Devotion

Christ in You

For to me, to live is Christ. PHILIPPIANS 1:21

Christ once lived in history—and today He lives on in people’s lives. Jesus not only lived on this earth, but He still lives—and He will live forever. Year after year we have seen thousands of men, women, and young people receive Christ as Savior throughout the world. People with problems, burdens, and sins have committed their lives to Jesus, and seen a light in their eyes and a glow on their faces as they are transformed by the Spirit of God. When Christ takes up residence in their hearts, they become new creations in Him. Today, as always, many people think they can manage without God. They may manage economically, intellectually, and even socially. But down inside they have a spiritual void that can be filled only by Jesus Christ. Jesus not only lived in the flesh in history, but He can live right now in you: “Christ in you, the hope of glory” (Col. 1:27). Has Christ come to live in your life? He can—and He will, as you commit your life to Him.