Our Story

We have grown with the City of Basehor. We have been an active part of the Basehor Community for nearly 100 years.

Like this community, we’ve grown from a small rural church to a small-town church. Now, just like Basehor, we are embracing the changes that come with being in one of the fastest growing parts of the Kansas City metro area. Our church has experienced significant growth in recent years, and as we’ve grown so has our commitment to our community.

We serve our schools. We are delighted to share a building with a variety of groups from the community and groups from the local schools.

Our story is that we are here to bless this community. We do not see the community as someone that is here to serve us. We know we are here to serve the community. If this community is not noticeably better because we are here, we have failed. Every week we strive to make Basehor a better place to live for everyone.

We believe those who’ve been dealt most generously should be the most generous people in the community. At First Baptist Church, we know we have been dealt generously because we have received the forgiveness of Jesus Christ and the promise of eternal life. Out of that wonderful gift we’ve received, we seek to cultivate a heart through generosity that benefits our entire community.

Among the many ways we seek to benefit our community are:

  • an active, very engaged, and growing ministry to students,
  • a weekly Kids Mid-Week program that engages the children in our community,
  • an exemplary preschool program that meets the needs of children and parents in our region,
  • a weekly ministry to women and senior adults,
  • and a variety of ways in which we connect with people across our region to meet their needs and bring them encouragement.